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Ugg, the brand brand type ugg into also had such a story, a young man in Australia, with excellent making sheepskin boots craft, want to own manufactured products to the world, but at the time of his friends to his persuasion don't risk, but with the wisdom of the the mind and courage he will own tailor-made sheepskin bootlace to USA, his name: Brian Smith

At the beginning of

to American he didn't think so hot, because it is in the test him with boots is also not much double, but with the craft and product of confidence, began selling a dream in their America this country, he believed in USA will have a market of its own, but due in New York his boots fewer species he was indifferent, in advance of his courage and went to California to develop his famous Ugg Brand boots.

by the local surfers in favor of his products in California, the first day of the first single business to 5 guests sold 48 pairs ugg outlet of ugg boots, then these boutique ugg boots became a local surfer necessary, so Brian Smith created their own dream of UGG Holding company, and specially registered the ugg trademark brand.

Development of


because the Ugg Brand proved American market for his keen, UGG Holding began to develop the field of its relevance, its unique wool products brand ugg of all kinds of shoes gradually required in casual shoes, ugg outlet the four seasons on the hit. The development speed of UGG Holding company so fast, but it is based on the people to the brand of heat, even ugg also have their own products in the tote bags.

Ugg comfort and unique selection process makes the brand impressed, first the ugg requirements of production, must have more than ten years of materials division, more than ten years the tailor and craftsman, selected materials must be specified by sheep subjects varieties, the production technology and system under this product the shape of the luxurious atmosphere, never lose their beauty, comfort and elegance, (DEX) Deckers once firmly to his product evaluation, as long as you wear a will not want to take it off, you will be attracted ugg outlet by it. Localization of

Ugg-ugg snow boots

1.g is positioned as a luxury, because the production process and material ugg on the strict requirements, so the price will never drop off, the company to it are positioning in the high-end market.

2 from the selected materials must use specific sheepskin, ugg outlet ugg outlet selected Australian lambskin requirements must be whole, remove the prominent Adam's apple. In the process of master for more than ten years of the production of ugg can be said to be quite perfect boots. Because of exquisite feeling comfortable, plus fashion designer embellishment, ugg not only become an object of beauty who touted, it to each age short of the requirements of the keen warm stage, this time ugg has been in the minds of people formed a kind of positioning "price = value" < / p>This piece of finishing

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